Evening Meals


We are very passionate about vegan cooking at Laburnum House, and our delighted to share with our guests a selection of some of our favourites.


All meals are homemade, cooked with love, and, even if we do say so ourselves, restaurant quality at half the price!


  Meals are available from 6-9pm.  Some meals we do need  a few hours notice on your choice, and if you would like an evening meal on your day of arrival, please let us know what you would like in advance.


If you are planning on arriving / returning after 9pm, a selection of sandwiches and light salads is available.

Winter Menu




Asparagus and Pea risotto

Creamy and very moorish, served with crusty bread to help scrap every morsel out of the bowl.



Eggplant Parmesan

A light and tasty Italian dish, with layers of aubergine, ragu, and our creamy cheese sauce. Served with a garlic potato mash and lemon & chilli broccoli.




Crab-less Cakes and Chips

Tender artichoke hearts blended with chickpeas, nori and a mix of spices and seasoning’s make a delicious "crab" cake with none of the cruelty. Served with chips, a light salad and homemade vegan tartar sauce.



ragged salad

Torn lettuce leaves, with walnuts, new potatoes, chopped dates, cucumber, garlic croutons, red onion, radishes, mixed seeds and much more. A filling dish, complete with slices of homemade bread and a little pot of pickle to complement the flavours.



Vegetarian Haggis with neeps and tatties

If you haven't tried our Haggis at breakfast don't miss the chance with our take on this beloved  traditional Scottish dish. Served with creamy swede and mashed potatoes, with sautéed kale, and our special (and very addictive) sauce.



laburnum house pie

Rich mashed potato mixed with chopped parsley cover a filling bursting with a medley of delicious vegetables and bulgur wheat, slow cooked in  a rich gravy.  Served with  lemon & chilli broccoli and sautéed spinach.




Apple Crumble

Juicy apples, covered with a light crumble, served with vanilla ice cream.



Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Truffle cake

Decadent and delicious, a perfect finale to your evening meal. Enjoy!









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